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Something about love

I know that love is a very sensitive subject, but I will throw an opinion. Remember that is not the right one… is just an opinion… think about it as you listen to a melody.

Schopenhauer said that love is just an instinctual impulse. That we fall in love with our opposites with the ones that nature thinks that we’ll make good children. And this is working us from the inside without even us to be constient of it.

That’s a very interesting point of view. A point of view that from my experience tends to be true. But I have a simple question, what is life without instincts? I think it will be just fleshless. It’s good to know this point of view because honestly it kind of answers some questions.
So now the question is what is love. Is it instinct or feelings or both or is it rational?
Love seen by many is the felling you get when you lay your eyes on a face an you know that’s the one. By my point of view also. But is it forever? Yes or no?

It is obvious that after a certain time love fades away. We try off course all kinds of methods to fake that it isn’t so but this is the truth.

You see when you have something and you know that’s yours you have no more reasons to fight 4 it and if there are no more stimulus there only remains a fade picture of the past.

So what is to do? Well we are human beings and what differentiates us from the animals is that we have reason. We also have instincts. So what should we follow? Some say instincts(feelings) some say to always follow reason.
I say follow both. The hardest problem is that when do you know when reason stops and instinct begins.
I can’t tell you that because you just can’t say this in words. You just can’t put reality in words.

But it’s good to know that sometimes love is what you feel and think.

And now as to say something kind of real. I fell in love a couple of times. When I was alone I always had an urge to fell in love to have somebody. But after I got someone I actually didn’t cared no more to find one. That’s really interesting because having someone is not actually making me happy as it makes me more like having someone it kind of let’s me to be happy. I had this felling from forever and it’s really possible that what we call love is just one of the primary needs we need to satisfy to be happy. I’m not saying that love is just an instinct. And I’m also not saying that I don’t love to love. I mean it’s great to be in loved and it’s even greater when the one we love loves us back. But the greatest love I think is the love we don’t see, the love we don’t care so much. The love that is always there, no strings attached. We have so many people around us that love us unconditionally and it’s hard to see that because we usually tend to go for the things we don’t have. But the greatest love will always be the one of the people that will always love us without conditions. So take a moment and thinks about the people around you. Think about the people that help you unconditionally, think about the people who smile when you speak, think about the ones that are shy to ask you something, think about the ones that gave you life and realize that you are the spark in your fathers eyes when he first saw your mother. Think about the people that you are not scared of loosing them, those are the ones who truly love you, the other are already lost.

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