suntem prea mari ca sa ne opreasca lumea asta atat de mica!

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All that I do is to run away. It’s time to stop and face the problem. What is the problem? Do you think that the problem is that I’m posting the problem… Ok, then just face the fact that your posting the problem. Don’t run away because it will always catch you back, faster than you think. Seems like a horror movie… It is a horror movie in fact. All you have to do is to face it. Whatever your horror is. Whatever your problem is. Or maybe you have no horror. Maybe you are happy maybe something good happened in your life. What should you do? It’s easy, just face the problem. The problem it’s equivalent to a question it’s not necessary something bad. So whatever the problem is just face it. If you have no answer to it, leave it alone because it’s a big chance that it will solve itself and if not just come back to it later when you stopped running.

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